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Webdesign, Hosting, SEO, what does it all mean and how will it help me get ranked on Google

At DF Enterprise we like to view ourselves as the company that will help you take your business to the next level. Or if you are just starting out we will help you take that first big step and launch you into space of the what is known as the world wide binder

Knowing what the world wide web is and how to use it to your advantage is 2 very different wants and needs. Many think all you have to do is to build your site and they (clients, traffic, etc.) will come. In a very simple aspect this is true but it will all depend on what your expectation is and what the objective of your web presence is.


Objectives for your Website:

  • Sell additional Goods that you have at your Brick-n- Mortar Store now

  • Sell Products that are known as Drop-Shipped (Non Inventory Goods)

  • Online Courses or Training

  • Advertisement or Brochure type website

The whole process of getting a website up and running all depends on your expectation and how much you are willing to put into it. Meaning it is not very difficult to do the layout and the design aspect, but the content is where the most critical aspect is.


 This is a big project in itself then after the site is built you need to Optimize it. What this means is that you need to word all your content, meaning menu's, articles, and yes even your images to relay your message. This is where I come into play. Once you get the info and have it worded with the info you want and how you want it to be worded to advertise your business then I will go in and make it so it will be optimized for the web the best way without throwing any additional money to help generate more traffic