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New Startups in the New Digital World

This page will be directed around the need for the normal person to get out of their 9 - 5 job. To learn something new that will assist in their income and/or replace their fulltime income so you can get out of the rat race, and start enjoying life by working from home.


Below are the steps you will need to take to get to the point where you can start generating income.

The biggest and most important thing is to find a niche. One that you believe in because if you do not believe you will not live it. the most popular, and I say again the most popular are the following:

  1. Health and wellness (Weight loss)
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Relationships

                  weightloss female    financial freedom  relationships

There are many other niche categories to choose from and again this is your business not mine so pick it.

Once you find your niche then the next thing you will need to do is go find a product.

Once you find your product then the cheapest way to start getting traction is to find some Facebook groups in your topic and join them and start interacting with the people in them.

While you are interacting with people on the FB groups you can start building you website or funnel.

After your funnel is complete you will want to start running Facebook ads and drive traffic to your website/funnel.

Just to keep the traction going you can create your own FB group.

If money is available you can also speed up the traction by buying Google ads and do Pay Per Click.

Sound Easy?

Next you will be rolling in the money right?


rolling in the money


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What Tools Will I Need?