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  There is a long list of things we can do for you to help build what you want and need. The most important thing you will need to know is what you want to display and to have an idea of how you want it laid out. Along with those items you also need to have the information that you want to display, such as the wording of how you want to show off your products or why you think people are wanting to come to you instead of the competition. How about how you are going to complete the order (for example, you sell shoes, how do you ship and how long will it take).

   People also like to know a little history in your business, to know you have been around and will continue to be around.

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There are many different ways to display your content. SO much nowadays are going to image related, even though that is not the most friendliest for the search engines there still needs to be a happy medium so you can display your info AND get ranked on the search engines.

Choices to functionality for your site will also depend on if you are going to get involved and show your social media links and activity. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) Keep in mind the functions below:

  • Menu Style and Location on the Websiteweb develop
  • Social Media Links and Displays
  • Displaying Tables
  • Image Galleries
  • Forms to Ask or Answer Questions
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather
  • Maps or Directions to your Location
  • Any Other Functions that pertain to YOUR business


 How about some training video's that may help you build your site and even to just understand it better.

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